Too hard to let go

I started my blog in 2002 before I left to Spain for my exchange study period. I’ve kept a blog in multiple different forms ever since and I’ve tried to revive my motivation ever since I passed the baton at ArcticStartup onwards to Greg and Dmitri. I think I blogged my fair share during those years and it has taken its toll.

However, during the last two years I’ve been quite lost on how to go about creating content without a blog. It’s been tough and I’ve come back to playing around with a blog every now and then. It’s just something different, when you’re hosting it on your own without resorting to any other service provider, being able to design your themes and run your own show as you wish.

I also liked Fred Wilson’s statement on his about page: “This is my diary, my sandbox, my therapist, and more than anything it is my bar where I get to be the bartender.” That’s something I’ve been missing and writing is a great way to conceptualise your thoughts.

It’s simply too hard to let go and not have a blog.