The VC point of view

One of the most interesting content producers as of lately are the different venture capitalists that are blogging, podcasting and creating content in other ways. The venture capital business has become extremely competitive and they need to be active towards startups even before the startups require funding. Building a brand some marketers might say.

One of the best ones in this game is Andreesen Horowitz. Their a16z podcast series is phenomenal. Another great addition to this is Benedict Evan’s weekly newsletter (also part of the A16Z team). It’s a headline based newsletter with short commentary on the most important items.

In addition to companies creating content, venture capitalists in general are quite active as well. Perhaps the one I mostly admire is Fred Wilson. Another one I occasionally follow is Mark Suster with Both Sides of the Table.

With the push of the different social media services, it is easy to forget that that the web is full of longer commentary in a more readable format. I’m personally trying to get back to both blogging and reading blogs. I’ve begun to setup a feedly account with my most followed blogs for a closer look.

Venture capitalists are a great source of commentary since they usually reflect their personal backgrounds quite a bit and not their company. They follow the technology industry from a very unique position and hence, it’s interesting to read how they experience it.

Any other good VC companies or personal bloggers out there one should get accustomed to?