The ambitious Dubai

I spent the bigger part of the week in Dubai with my family – enjoying the sun, sand and the sights. Dubai is definitely one of a kind of place to visit; aggressive investments into the construction industry with the goal of having the biggest, tallest and most glamorous buildings available.

Dubai is also the host of the world expo in 2020 and they’re frantically building a lot of venues around the region to accommodate visitors, but also bring in investments. The Dubai Creek Tower is anticipated to be ready for the 2020 world expo and it is going to be some 100 metres taller than the Burj Khalifa, which holds the title for the world’s tallest building today.

It is one of a kind of a place to visit, but no place comes without its issues. We met a woman from the Philippines working as a waiter in one of the restaurants we visited and she said she hasn’t seen her 11 year old son in more than a year. She has an annual holiday, but last year it was cancelled. Working conditions in Dubai have come under scrutiny in the recent years, just as they have in Qatar who is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Not sure how much of that is Dubai and not just the restaurant owner taking advantage, but the culture surely differs greatly.

Whatever you think of Dubai and the greater Middle East region – it is not to be ignored. Dubai is definitely one of the most attractive spots in the region to tap into, when considering business opportunities in the Arabian peninsula.

Flying from Helsinki to Dubai is also really quick; just 6 hours with a direct Finnair flight. Finnair only flies to Dubai with its leisure/holiday routes, so departure times can be challenging (especially with small children). We left Finland about 9pm and arrived just shy of 5am local time (3am Finnish time). Our flight back left 6am, so we had a rough 3am wake up.