Seven years on

Kiva sent me an e-mail this week thanking me for being a member of the service for seven years. Seven years is a long time in internet years, but Kiva is a truly world changing service that I wholeheartedly support. I can’t remember how or through whom I discovered the service back in the day, but I remember loving the idea from first visit.

The fantastic thing about Kiva is that it takes the internet and gives all the entrepreneurs who would not have the opportunity to leverage the wealth of the world to support them. It is the classic matchmaking service that internet works so well with.

Some of my achievements on Kiva include:

  • $8.17 on credit at the moment
  • $48.62 in outstanding loans
  • $76.50 in total deposists
  • $550 total amount lent
  • 22 loans in total
  • 32 loans by people I invited
  • Lent to 14 of 84 countries on Kiva

One of my “investing” strategies has been to lend primarily to women and mostly in the retail industry. The reason I support women is due to the fact that I believe the success of the world really lies with the requirement of women to become equal members of our society. Education is important, but those who are able to bring food and financial aid to their families will most certainly have better chances at life.

This is also one of the reasons I really love Kiva. You can really help the people in need – all around the world.