Raspberry Pi 2 and the coming of servers

The Raspberry Pi 2 was announced today and while it is a great improvement, the bigger news in this BBC news article were the sales figures. So far, 4.5 million Raspberry Pis have been sold and they are selling them at a pace of 200 000 a month. While many talk about the Pi as a computer, I see it more as a server.

The Raspberry Pi has become an inexpensive computer that is able to run lots of different applications, but I personally believe it is at its best in a server-like setup where it is constantly kept on and it is running a set of applications for different purposes.

Servers are the backbone of the internet economy. Internet of things is especially a huge driver for the growing demand. While it may seem to many that this migration to cloud has been on going for a while now – we’re still far from saturation.

I believe both Raspberry Pi and cloud server providers will continue to see increased usage in the coming years as devices and services alike penetrate our lives even deeper bringing up the amount of services we communicate with daily, and also those services continue evolve – requiring more and more computing power.

Very exciting times to be in the cloud computing industry!