Polar Loop and OnePlus One

I’m writing an SEO optimised title for this post on purpose. I was unable to find any other information on this topic so hopefully others will be able to solve this faster with the help of this post.

I’ve been playing around with my OnePlus One tonight and one of the most important things I wanted to get working after syncing my calendars and contacts was Polar Loop (well done Polar, you’ve got me hooked).

Polar does not state on their website that they support the OnePlus One on their website. However since OnePlus One has Bluetooth 4.0 support which is the version that also has support for Bluetooth LE this means that Polar Loop works on the OnePlus One.

To get it to work, you’ll need to unpair it from the previous phone. You can do this by putting the Loop into airplane mode and then bringing it back before syncing it with the Polar Flow app on the phone. To put the Loop into airplane mode, follow the instructions for Other Display Views on Polar’s website.

After this has been done, go to Polar Flow and click on “Settings” in the menu and then “How to Sync”.

Works like a charm.