Preparing for offline

In the constantly online world – everything is at your fingertips whenever you want to. Technology regarding internet has become so transparent that people only realise how important it is when they don’t have it.

We’re about to board a plane with my colleague to Singapore and we are discussing how to prepare for the 11.5 hours. Netflix now allows movie downloads for offline viewing, which is great. More or less makes the in-flight entertainment systems useless for many travellers – a feat that surely attracted travelers to one airline instead of the other.

Spotify also allows offline music listening, applying the same kind of effect on the music selection of in-flight systems as Netflix. Though I never listen to in-flight music in the entertainment system – the offering looks average to say the least.

My preparation for this long haul is 5-10 episodes of a Netlifx series and a movie or two on my iPad mini. I have a few unfinished books on my Kindle and a few of my favorite playlists prepared on Spotify. Then there’s of course a bit of work to keep me occupied and the fact that the flight leaves midnight – which is a great time to get some sleep.

Keep pushing

The importance of working out and moving is something I’ve found out personally very early on in my career. For me, being active and working out a few times a week is important, because it gives me the energy I need. I seldom have periods of time when I work out to lose weight (start of the year seems to be that time mostly), but the focus is always on being energised.

Some weeks when you’re on the road or the schedule just doesn’t work out (no pun intended), the energy levels are low and I feel like everything requires more effort.

Today was a public holiday in Finland and the day started off quiet. I was at the gym before 8am and got to enjoy it by myself.

I also only workout during the mornings. It’s a routine I’ve picked up many years ago and seems to work quite well with my schedule of mixing up being a father, husband and a CEO. It’s also a great way to get more out of your morning when you’re already super awake when you arrive at the office.

Cold and remote

The cold weather continues and it was more or less around -20°C in the capital region of Finland today. With a little wind, the temperature easily feels like -25°C. This photo above is actually from yesterday and I took it while we were heading for lunch.

Cold weather has become an accepted way of life in Finland and while it does occasionally get really cold like today and yesterday, it does not stop business or life at all. I had half a dozen calls today with people with different backgrounds and many were also working remotely, as was I. Then again, many people are sort of semi working remotely, due to the shorter week given the public holiday tomorrow.

There are many invisible aspects of our lives that we take for granted, but don’t realise how those change our behaviour. It became apparent for me today that where as in some places relatively drastic changes in weather grinds the society to a halt – it never really has been the case in Finland. We grind on, because it’s what we’ve always done.

These have always fascinated me, because many of these are so tightly knit to our culture that we don’t realise how we could benefit (or in some cases obviously be worse off) if we changed our behaviour. It is the same with any company culture – there are a lot of invisible things that are done, because that’s how things are done.

One thing that is clear though – I do spend a lot of time commuting each week and it does feel like a holiday to work a day remotely, but still be reachable and have modern technology and services do the magic.