OnePlus One – January 20th sale

OnePlus, a company that has created a phone called the “Flagship Killer” is putting on an online sale tomorrow evening (local times) globally in three different time slots where people can order their OnePlus One phone without an invitation. Previously, the company has sold these phones through invitations to build up an audience and demand through viral promotion. The company may not be as well known as Xiaomi, but it creates really high end phones for a low price. Their 16GB model costs $299 and the 64GB version costs $349.

It’s great to see competition in the industry from these new upstarts. Just a while ago, Xiaomi announced that they had taken on funding north of a billion US dollars at a valuation of over 40B dollars. That’s a phenomenal valuation for a company that was founded in 2010.

What’s more interesting is that OnePlus also uses the Cyanogenmod version of Android. This makes it quite a bit different from the vanilla installation by Google.

These kinds of sales and stories are perfect reminders of the speed these companies move with. Also, something like this would not have been possible just 5-10 years ago.

Regardless – I invite you to take a look at the phone OnePlus makes. It’s a very solid looking phone at a third of the cost of an iPhone6.