OnePlus One and Lollipop

I got tired of waiting around for the stable release of Lollipop from Cyanogenmod and decided to flash my OnePlus One with one of the CM12 nightly builds. I tried to update first to the CM12.1 Unofficial ROM, but this failed at flashing and I needed to try the official nightlies.

The official 3.4.2015 nightly build has been now running 24 hours or so without any issues and I’ve tried to utilise all the different functions of the phone. No problems whatsoever. A nice surprise was also that these nightlies support OTA updates, so if it keeps stable enough, you should be able to update your phone OTA without needing to install everything again.

Below are the intructions I used to update OnePlus One to Lollipop on a Mac OSX.


  • Data cable
  • Phone battery should be at least 80% full, just to be safe.
  • Mac OS X Toolkit (download through one of the links)
  • One of the CM12 Bacon (device name for OPO) nightlies from the Cyanogenmod Downloads.
  • You’ll need either GAPPS or GAPPS minimal to get the basic Google apps on your phone (I went with minimal).
  • Important: Have backups of all your files as your phone will be COMPLETELY WIPED/ERASED.

And here are the steps I went through:

  1. Fire up the Toolkit on your Mac.
  2. Connect your phone to your Mac with the data cable.
  3. First you need to select the “Unlock the bootloader of my OnePlus One” from the Toolkit. Follow those instructions carefully.
  4. Once you have unlocked the bootloader, do the next step “Flash a recovery”. I chose TWRP from Teamwin. Do follow the Toolkit instructions – they are simple and work well.
  5. Once you did this – root your OnePlus One with the next step in the Mac OS X Toolkit. Again, follow the steps of the Toolkit – they’re really sufficient and well done.
  6. Once you have done this step – add the nightly file to the phone. Also add the right GAPPS version to your phone. Make sure you’re adding just the zip-files. There’s no need to unzip them.
  7. Once the files are on your phone, make sure you have the “Update CM recovery” option de-selected in the Developer options menu under Settings.
  8. Shut off your phone and once shut off, press volume down and the power button combined. This should take you to recovery mode where you can install the nightly.
  9. Go to install and select the nightly file from your phone. Install that and once this has been installed, install the GAPPS-version you went with. Once these are done, reboot the phone and you should enter the Lollipop installation/configuration process.
  10. Now – go configure you’re phone. You are running Lollipop on your OnePlus One.

I did mess up on my own update process at some point and I needed to install the TWRP recovery app again after I had added the files to the phone. This is, because I entered Cyanogenmod recovery mode with the “volume down + power buttons” when I was trying to flash the files. CM recovery does not enable you to do this.

I’ve been super impressed with the nightly I’m on. Again, do all of this at your own risk.