Keep pushing

The importance of working out and moving is something I’ve found out personally very early on in my career. For me, being active and working out a few times a week is important, because it gives me the energy I need. I seldom have periods of time when I work out to lose weight (start of the year seems to be that time mostly), but the focus is always on being energised.

Some weeks when you’re on the road or the schedule just doesn’t work out (no pun intended), the energy levels are low and I feel like everything requires more effort.

Today was a public holiday in Finland and the day started off quiet. I was at the gym before 8am and got to enjoy it by myself.

I also only workout during the mornings. It’s a routine I’ve picked up many years ago and seems to work quite well with my schedule of mixing up being a father, husband and a CEO. It’s also a great way to get more out of your morning when you’re already super awake when you arrive at the office.

One thought on “Keep pushing

  1. Working out has a great ROI, hour of swear gives you 2 hours of energy.
    Morning is the best time, logistics is something where I’ve struggled when living in various places. 2016 more than 40 beds and in the best startup style, many of them no gym included 😉

    Happy for you and keep pushing!

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