Innovation and regulation

I listened to a really great podcast episode from A16Z (Andreesen Horowitz, the venture capital company) on the role of government and innovation. The guests on the show for this particular episode were Fred Upton and Greg Walden, of the Energy and Commerce Committee including the subcommittee on Communications and Technology. Among a lot of issues, they discuss the Telecommunications Act, originally passed in 1934 and revised in 1996.

What I especially like in this episode is the attitude towards innovation and how they wholeheartedly believe in it being the driver of good for all. I’m sure there is a lot of PR talk as well, but you can really see that these gentlemen are trying to build legislation that enables innovation and doesn’t suffocate it.

There’s a lot that European politicians and public organisations could pick up from this.

via A16Z: Innovation and Regulation — What Happens When Policy Lags Behind Technology?