Different kind of a summer holiday

Out with Sisu

This year, I’m taking a little bit of a different kind of summer holiday. My wife’s working in July and I’m roaming the country side with my son. In the picture above, we’re in Helsinki at the Havis Amanda statue. We spent that day at the UpCloud office, working a little bit and welcoming a new employee to the UpCloud family.

I’ve always loved traveling a little bit and it does feel a little bit like I’m missing out on something this summer. However, that is all made up by the fact that I get to spend so much time with my son and working a couple of hours each day as well. It does feel like we connect on a lot better level than before the holiday.

It does hit you quite hard to realise how little time you spend with your kids in the end, when you begin to calculate it. Then again, life is made up of choices and I do love my work as well.

Being able to take a few steps back from the normal routines and enjoy an ice cream if we feel like it – that’s summer. And I do hope in the end – he’ll hopefully remember these as fun summers, regardless if he remembers the exact details or not. And that is what counts in the end.