Cutting the Facebook cord (sort of)

At the beginning of my summer holidays I decided to cut cords with some of the most notorious notification pushers – mainly Facebook. I disabled all of my mobile notification from Facebook except for direct messages and a couple of other more personal things. I’m happy to say that it feels like I’ve gotten my life back.

You only notice the difference when you make the “jump” and it’s refreshing. I don’t look at my mobile as often and when I do, it feels more meaningful. Part of this change is also my growing focus towards blogging and reading RSS feeds.

One interesting point of view I’ve picked up when going back to Facebook voluntarily to check out what people have been up to is that it feels like everyone is mostly promoting their own views on news and other events. Very few people share (or at least Facebook doesn’t show me those) what they’ve been up to and use it as a personal blogging platform.

I’ve also built about 15 or so lists based on different criteria and this helps me go back a little more and in little more detail to see what different groups of people are up to.

Since disabling all the notifications, I’ve also gone back to Twitter more and more. It’s so great when nobody is doing the filtering for you and you get the full firehose. Also, it’s been great to spend time with great blogs and read some longer form commentary and views on a multitude of trends.

It almost feels like, while it is built in and in Facebook’s interest, the marginal utility of spending more time with Facebook has long gone negative.