A week with Polar Loop

I purchased a Polar Loop activity tracker a week ago and I’ve been happy with it so far. It’s a fairly simple tracker in the sense that it shows you the time, activity level of the day (through a graphical bar), calories burned and steps taken. In addition to the tracker there is the Polar Flow website that shows you in more detail the information gathered from the tracker.

I also made the decision to buy the H7 heart rate sensor, which binds itself to the Polar Loop through bluetooth. This is a nice add on for weight and cardio training as it will give you a more accurate sense of how hard you are training.

The Polar Loop is also water proof, but the H7 and Loop won’t bind in water due to bluetooth signals not being transmittable in water. I haven’t tried it in water yet, but it’s a nice addition.

The biggest gain for me is to bring more activity data to me throughout the day. This helps me make small decisions throughout the day to be a little more active, take the stairs, walk the extra block and so on. Nothing big, but it makes me more conscious about how much I move.

Some might say these are kind of vanity devices, but if they help conceptualise your habits to hard data – it’s helping. I’m a huge data geek so this is what makes me tick.

Polar Flow Summary for a week in January 2015
Here’s a screenshot of my week in Polar Flow.

My weekly summary tells me that my weekly activity goal was reached by 71%. A somewhat active week by the service. Saturday and Sunday were mostly spent with the family and not doing any sports, pulling down the week’s average.

The only thing I’m missing from the Polar Loop is the opportunity to show phone notifications on the tracker itself. However, this isn’t a major let down. Quiet alarms through vibrations would also be nice, but then again – the tracker itself cost less than 70€ so it’s understandable you can’t pack a lot of features in that kind of a price.

Overall, I’m very happy with it.